May 1, 2020

Audiobooks: Building Capacity for Canadian Creation and Publishing

An invited group of cross-sectoral professionals took part in a one-day session on the state of audiobook production and publishing in Canada and to pursue ideas that could contribute to improved visibility, sales, capacity, accessibility and investment.

The session was spearheaded by the Association of Canadian Publishers and guided by a steering committee that represented the core participants in digital audiobook publishing and production in the country. At the symposium, the people in the room represented legacy publishers, audio-only publishers, narrators/actors, production studios, engineers/post-production editors, and industry association professionals.

The day’s goal was to look at three core issues facing audiobook production and publishing in Canada—marketing, capacity, and investment—to see if there are ways in which the sectors can work together to strengthen the Canadian audiobook market, where there is overlap to unite in their efforts, and where issues are singular to a specific group. The day was broken up into a number of panels to examine each identified issue, with ample time left for broad and wide-ranging discussion among the participants.