Programs & Projects

ACP offers a variety of programming and services to support its membership and the Canadian independent publishing sector at large.

PD Subsidy Program

Enroll in publishing workshops, seminars, conferences and courses related to book publishing with subsidy funding from The Department of Canadian Heritage, through the Association of Canadian Publishers. Subsidies are available for staff of all Canadian-owned and controlled book publishers.

The following activities are eligible for subsidy funding. This list is not exhaustive; subsidies for attendance at other programs may be made available with prior approval.

  • eBOUND Canada Workshops

  • SFU Publishing Workshops

  • BookNet Canada TechForum & ebookcraft

  • BookMachine CAMPUS courses

  • Digital Book World conferences

  • Editors Canada conferences

  • Association of University Presses conferences

  • Eastbound

  • PubWest

  • Online and in-person continuing education courses, conferences, or workshops related to book editing, design, production, sales, marketing, business management, etc.

The ACP accepts applications for professional development taking place between April 1 and March 31 of a given program year and will award subsidy amounts pending confirmation of program funds. Funding is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. In the previous program year, a firm may submit two applications for each PD activity, which the program can subsidize 50% of claimed registration and tuition fees, to a maximum combined subsidy amount of $1,500 per PD activity.

Applications will be made available once funding has been confirmed by the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Anti-Racism & Equity Training Subsidy Program

ACP offers support for members seeking anti-racism and equity training that is specific to their individual companies through this subsidy program, recommended by the Diversity and Inclusion and Professional Development committees with funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage.

For more information for both interested members and consultants, contact Jazz Cook, Membership Services Coordinator, at

Training is supported on a first-come, first-served basis. All full and associate members in good standing (i.e. dues paid to 2020) are encouraged to apply. Funding support can also be extended to ACP affiliates to provide training to publisher members of their boards of directors. Funding is limited, so please apply as soon as possible if interested.

If you would like to reference the list of participating consultants, download our previous year’s program information PDF.

Please note: ACP cannot recommend any particular consultant over another; the list includes consultants who have expressed interest in participating in the program. ACP welcomes suggestions of other consultants, as well as invites consultants to contact ACP to be included in the program’s list.

ACP Mentorship Program

The application deadline for the 2021-22 program year is Friday, December 17, 2021.

For more information, contact Jazz Cook, Membership Services Coordinator, at

The ACP Mentorship Program, exclusive to all ACP members in good standing, matches industry specialists with members from across the country for a one-day focused session on the topic of their choice.

At the 1997 ACP AGM, several members noted the lack of people ready to assume leadership positions in Canadian publishing, while at the same time publishers expressed an interest in acquiring skills from their more experienced colleagues in the industry. These concerns resulted in the creation of the now long-standing ACP Mentorship Program.

This program aims to offer publishers of all sizes an opportunity to directly learn from each other.

One of the main goals of the program is to provide an opportunity for publishers to work in a focused and intensive way with industry specialists on a specific aspect of their business. This program aims to offer publishers of all sizes an opportunity to directly learn from each other.

Suggested topics
  • Accessible Publishing
  • Acquisitions and List Development

  • Audiobooks

  • Book & Jacket Design

  • Business Planning and Development

  • Children’s & Young Adult Publishing

  • Ebook Distribution & Metadata

  • Editorial Administration

  • Educational Publishing (K-12)

  • Export

  • Grants

  • Higher Educational Publishing (Post-Secondary)

  • Inventory Management

  • Marketing

  • Print Distribution & Metadata

  • Production (Print & Digital)

  • Publicity

  • Publishing Best Practices

  • Rights & Contracts

  • Succession Planning

Book Publishing Freelancers from Diverse Communities Database

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP) has identified a number of initiatives to address the under-representation of racialized and marginalized people working in the Canadian book publishing industry. Publishers continue to seek ways to expand their professional networks to include those from diverse communities. This is particularly important for smaller publishing firms that make up the majority of ACP’s membership.

With few staff positions and limited opportunities to hire full-time staff, contract and freelance work is a reality of their publishing operations and presents an opportunity for ACP to help publishers diversify their professional networks. We recognize that engaging more freelancers from diverse communities is not a long-term solution to this challenge but it is a preliminary step and initiative we can undertake immediately.

Our aim is to help build a network of freelance publishing experts from diverse communities: all those who self-identify with BIPOC communities, LGBTQIA+ communities, those with a disability/disabilities, and other marginalized groups are encouraged to participate. We welcome listings from freelancers with all levels of experience, from those early in their publishing career to publishing veterans, and hold a wide-range of expertise.


  • ACP does not curate listings and has neither the capacity nor expertise to review database participants’ qualifications or self-identification: freelancers are listed by their last name in alphabetical order.
  • ACP is not responsible for out-dated information.
  • ACP does not endorse any of the listed freelancers, but offers this directory as a resource to connect our members and other publishers with freelancers from diverse communities.

We also encourage visiting the Editors of Color Database, which includes both US and Canadian freelancers, as well as their comprehensive Database of Diverse Databases. We also want to raise awareness for both the BIPOC of Publishing in Canada and the People of Color in Publishing groups for their work in establishing and advocating for a more inclusive industry.

We encourage all to circulate this form and database widely. Any and all feedback to improve the linked survey and directory is welcome.

Discovery Series

The Discovery Series offers professional development seminars on sector-specific topics that directly address the immediate needs of Canadian publishers and draws on the expertise of the association’s membership and wider network. Sessions are held online and recorded for the benefit of ACP members and affiliates.

These committee-driven sessions respond to members’ specific areas of interest or concern, and then-current trends within the publishing industry, focusing on the unique realities of Canadian publishers’ businesses and markets. Sessions in the Discovery Series are coordinated as industry updates, roundtables, and discussion panels. 

To see the archive of Discovery Series videos, please visit the below link. ACP members can log into the Members Portal or contact ACP staff to receive video credentials. 

Publishing 101

ACP’s Publishing 101 Webinar series shares basic publishing knowledge and practices for new publishers, junior staff at publishing companies, and those interested in jumpstarting their career in the publishing sector—anyone working in the industry or who is interested in learning more about the business side of publishing.

Publishing 101 aims to be approachable, providing expertise from trusted sources within the industry and a forum for fledgling industry professionals to discuss their own experiences and perspectives.

Registration for 2021’s series is now open! You can learn more about the changes to this year’s sessions under News & Events.

If you are an ACP member or a registrant from a previous years’ series, please find below session archives for further reference.

BookNet Canada Buying Groups

ACP member publishers are able to subscribe to BookNet Canada’s SalesData and CataList services at significantly reduced rates through buying groups administered by ACP.

Members of ACP affiliate organizations also receive similarly reduced rates.

To learn more about this program, download our announcement document or contact Jazz Cook at

Top Grade

Top Grade: CanLit for the Classroom is the ACP Children’s Committee’s effort to increase sales to the school market through a preview program.

ACP has typically mailed selections of members’ marketing materials including ARCs, catalogues, and promotional items to key decision-makers within school boards across the country to help provide information and improve connections.

As of Fall 2020, Top Grade has partnered with 49thTeachers to create an online hub of Canadian titles and teaching resources and develop preview content for educators, made accessible whenever and wherever.

Please visit the new site for detailed title listings information featuring amazing Canadian literature for the K-12 classrooms, excerpts, and short book preview videos covering curriculum themes. Top Grade catalogues from previous years will remain below for your reference.

Educators, are you looking for a supplier?

You can access a list of school and library wholesalers and retailers and order from your supplier of choice.

If you would like more information on the program, please write to


Spring 2020 Downloads  

K-8 & High School: Order Form

K-8 & High School: Catalogue


Fall 2019 Downloads  

K-8 & High School: Order form
K-8 & High School: Catalogue

Spring 2019 Downloads  

K-8 & High School: Order form
K-8 & High School: Catalogue


Fall 2018 Downloads  

K-8 & High School: Order form
K-8 & High School: Catalogue

Spring 2018 Downloads  

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K-8 & High School: Catalogue


Fall 2017 Downloads  

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Spring 2017 Downloads  

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Fall 2016 Downloads  

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Spring 2016 Downloads  

K-8: Order form


Fall 2015 Downloads  

K-8 & High School: Flyer
K-8 & High School: Order form

Spring 2015 Downloads  

K-8 & High School: Flyer
K-8 & High School: Order form

eBOUND Canada  

Launched in March 2009 as the digital arm of the ACP, Canadian Publishers Digital Services (CPDS), eBOUND Canada is now an independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing Canadian publishers’ engagement in the digital marketplace regardless of their size or level of expertise.

Its growing number of programs includes digital asset management, e-production, marketing, metadata management, conversion services, and professional development.

49th Shelf 

49th Shelf is a website that brings together more Canadian books than any other source in the world. The site is devoted to celebrating Canadian books and to making it easy for readers to find them.

Conceived in 2009, and launched in 2012, 49th Shelf has a single purpose: to raise the visibility of Canadian books in the marketplace. It is open to Canadian-authored books of all categories and formats and types of publisher (Canadian-owned, multinational, or self-published).

If the book is written by a Canadian, there is a place for it on 49th Shelf.

How do I apply for membership?

If you are a Canadian independent book publisher, ACP offers a variety of opportunities to network with, learn from, and participate directly in the conversation with professionals nation-wide.