ACP Membership

Applications for membership are considered by the ACP board at each of its meetings. Payment of fees is not required until a publisher’s application has been approved. If you have any further questions, please contact ACP staff.

ACP Membership Summary

Members regardless of tenure have access to all services, resources, may attend all open committee meetings, and have voting privileges at every general membership meeting.

Through all of its activities, ACP is committed to supporting and strengthening the Canadian-owned publishing industry. By becoming involved in the committees, projects, meetings, and lobbying efforts facilitated by ACP, members have the opportunity to help shape the policy climate for Canadian publishers. 

Listed and linked below is more information for the benefits of joining the Association of Canadian Publishers. If you have any questions, contact ACP staff at

ACP Membership Criteria

Membership is available to a publishing firm that:


  • Has its head office of business in Canada;
  • Is a Canadian-owned and -controlled corporation;
  • Has its managerial, editorial, and financial decisions made by Canadians;
  • Is a professional* book publishing firm;
  • Publishes original books by Canadian creators** as a dedicated and ongoing part of its business;
  • Has in print no fewer than four (4) original titles by Canadian creators, no more than 25% of which are authored by principals or directors of the firm;
  • Has produced in the twelve-month period prior to its application for membership, and in each subsequent calendar year, no fewer than two (2) new original titles by Canadian creators;
  • Has been in operation for at least two years from the date of publication of its first original Canadian title;
  • Subscribes to and is willing to work on behalf of the purposes and objectives of ACP.

Criteria Notes

* “Professionalism” is understood to comprise activity involving the independent selection, editorial development and production of manuscripts; entry into contractual agreements with authors or copyright holders; marketing, sales and distribution of books published under the firm’s imprint; and an assumption of the majority of the financial risk and investment in pursuing these activities.

** “Creator” means an author, illustrator, translator or editor (in the case of an edited collection of material).

Application Process

We ask applicants to review this criteria and the association’s mission, vision, and values ahead of completing a membership application form. Once an application is submitted, ACP’s staff and board secretary will review applications to determine eligibility. Applications recommended for membership will be submitted to the ACP Board of Directors for adjudication. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Government Relations

ACP maintains an active government relations program, serving as the voice of Canadian publishers in Ottawa.

The ACP advocates on behalf of publishers to ensure the maintenance and stability of federal funding programs for publishers, and represents publishers’ interests with respect to cultural policy, copyright, and other key issues. This includes regular communication with the Minister of Canadian Heritage, key MPs in the House of Commons, and our network of civil servants. The ACP also works with its regional affiliates to lobby provincial governments on issues relevant to the ACP membership.

Digital Publishing

ACP members have access at preferred rates to the services of eBOUND Canada, the digital arm of the ACP.

eBOUND Canada is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing Canadian publishers’ engagement in the digital marketplace, regardless of their size or level of expertise, and serves as ACP members’ collective digital services department. Its growing number of programs includes ebook distribution, digital asset management, conversion services, and professional development.

Professional Development & Research

Professional Development Seminars

ACP presents professional development sessions for members at its Annual General Meeting and Mid-Winter Meeting, and throughout the year. As a member-driven organization, we design seminars to address members’ specific needs and interests, and to reflect the current trends of the publishing industry.

Mentorship Program

One of the ACP’s most popular programs, the Mentorship Program pairs ACP members with experienced publishers and consultants to receive guidance in a particular area of the publishing business. The program pays mentors an honorarium with a modest fee charged to participants.

PD Subsidy Program

Through the Department of Canadian Heritage, ACP offers a subsidy to Canadian publishing staff to attend publishing workshops, seminars, conferences, and courses related to book publishing, including BookNet Canada’s Tech Forum, SFU Summer Publishing Workshops, eBOUND Canada workshops, Book Summit, Digital Book World, and many more.


The ACP conducts industry-specific research on behalf of its members, who have access to a wide-range of studies and reports commissioned by the association over the years.


ACP members receive timely and relevant information through the association’s bi-weekly e-newsletter, ACP Update, and through the ACP website.

ACP representatives sit on boards across the industry. They keep members informed of the activities of other industry organizations, and represent Canadian publishers’ views to other sectors of the book industry.


On behalf of its members, ACP pursues collective marketing initiatives with the goal of increasing the market share of Canadian-owned publishers and Canadian authors.

These initiatives showcase books published by ACP members, and highlight the quality and value of Canadian books to the public. Core marketing projects include 49th Shelf, Top Grade, and a program of collective displays at higher education conferences. ACP members also enjoy discounted rates for BookNet Canada’s SalesData and CataList programs.


ACP’s work is overseen by a volunteer board of directors that is drawn from the membership.

ACP’s standing committees inform the activities of the association. Committee membership is open to all full and associate members with regularly scheduled meetings to exchange information and ideas, discuss developments of shared concern, and strategize on issues facing the industry.

Networking & Community

Publishers who belong to ACP are part of a community of companies who share common challenges and characteristics. 

The programs of the association bring Canadian publishers together, and provide a forum for networking, peer-to-peer learning, and information sharing.

For more information on the benefits of ACP membership, contact ACP staff.

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ACP contributes to the development and maintenance of vibrant, competitive book publishing companies in order to support and strengthen the contribution that Canadian books make to Canada’s cultural, economic, and educational landscape.