January 25, 2024

Canadian publishers launch online letter writing campaign to increase the Canada Book Fund

The Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP), in partnership with l’Association nationale des éditeurs de livres (ANEL), has recently launched an online letter writing campaign to urge the government to fulfill its commitment to increasing the Canada Book Fund in Budget 2024.

In the most recent mandate letter from the Prime Minister, the Minister of Canadian Heritage was directed to increase key writing and publishing programs, including increasing the Canada Book Fund (CBF) budget by 50% in the 2022-23 fiscal year. This mandate letter commitment has not been fulfilled by the government during the last two federal budgets. 

This lack of action is not tenable. The Government must not let down the book publishing industry yet again. 

The CBF supports Canadian-owned publishers who employ best business practices, commit to innovation, and promote diverse Canadian authors at home and internationally. The standards for success within the program are high and the CBF is an essential support that ensures their businesses remain competitive, and that a diverse, Canadian-owned publishing sector thrives in all regions of the country. 

The current federal investment in book publishing has not kept pace with the needs of an evolving industry, resulting in serious consequences for Canadian publishers. This lack of support from the federal government is creating an unstable environment that will have a negative ripple effect on the future of Canada’s publishing sector. If the government does not invest in Canadian stories, they will cease to be published.

ACP and ANEL are asking for the public’s support to help ensure that the government keeps its promise to the publishing sector in Budget 2024. 

Please take 30 seconds to send a letter to your MP to help maintain a thriving Canadian publishing ecosystem. Make your voice heard!

For more information, contact:
Jack Illingworth, Executive Director
Association of Canadian Publishers