August 17, 2023

Canadian publishers stand with American book industry in condemning new censorship law and defending the right of free expression

The Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP) strongly denounces the proposal of a new Texas law that would mandate publishers, book retailers, and other vendors to review and rate countless books and library materials being sold to school libraries based on their sexual content. ACP stands in solidarity with the American writing, publishing, and bookselling communities in rejecting a law that imposes the burden of self-censorship on booksellers, distributors, and publishers, while taking decision-making power over what children read out of the hands of librarians, teachers, and parents.

This law not only infringes upon the long-established rights of local communities to determine educational standards within constitutional boundaries, but also places undue pressure on private businesses to engage in state-directed censorship according to vague criteria without any process for judicial review. In line with the Association of American Publishers’ statement, ACP encourages its members who are called upon to provide content ratings to decline doing so, although we appreciate that each member must make business decisions that they believe to be in their own best interests.

The Association of Canadian Publishers champions the ideals of freedom of expression, freedom to publish, and freedom to read, all of which are cornerstones of a democratic society and a thriving publishing ecosystem. We stand with our American peers, united in our dedication to safeguarding these rights in North America and around the world.

For more information, contact:
Jack Illingworth, Executive Director
Association of Canadian Publishers