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The University of Alberta Press (UAP) publishes peer-reviewed, scholarly books in the areas of prairie, mountain, and circumpolar histories and cultures; literary and cultural studies; languages; literature and poetry; memoir; First Nations, M├ętis, Inuit studies; the Canadian Arctic and international circumpolar north; health and wellness; natural sciences; and environmental studies.

UAP also publishes under three imprints. Pica Pica Press publishes peer-reviewed textbooks. Gutteridge Books publishes peer-reviewed specialty books for the trade market. CCI Press publishes peer-reviewed, scholarly books on Canada's Arctic and the international circumpolar north.

UAP series include the Robert Kroetsch Series in Canadian literature; "Mountain Cairns," a series on the history and culture of the Canadian Rockies; a literary travel/adventure series entitled "Wayfarer;" Circumpolar Research; Patterns of Northern Traditional Healing; Northern Hunter-Gatherer; and Solstice.

Domestic Distribution: GTW. Foreign Distribution: Wayne State University Press (US), Gazelle Academic (UK).