Ronsdale Press
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Location: BC
"A literary publishing house, Ronsdale Press is dedicated to publishing books from across Canada, books that give Canadians new insights into themselves and their country. Ronsdale Press publishes fiction, poetry, regional history, biography and autobiography, books on ideas about Canada, as well as young adult novels for ages 10 to 14, (Canadian historical novels are of special interest), but no picture books. Authors are welcome to send finished manuscripts, but, please, no first drafts. If you want to save postage, you can begin by sending a query. The best approach is to look at our website and see what sorts of books we favour publishing. You might even buy a few and read them. Please also enclose a brief bio with publishing credits, if any, along with an SASE. You should also indicate why the book will sell well. Poets should have published some poems in literary magazines before they attempt to interest us in an entire book. Domestic Distribution: PGC/Raincoast. Foreign Distribution: SPD & LitDistCo (US), Gazelle (UK & Europe). Sales Representation: Publishers Group Canada. "