September 29, 2011

Independent Canadian publishers welcome the introduction of copyright modernization bill

The long-awaited copyright reform bill  introduced today is welcomed by Canada’s independently owned book publishers. While  some elements of the bill raise concerns for publishers, its tabling represents a major step  forward in the essential process of informed national discourse. “Copyright reform is  essential to the Canada’s cultural vitality and economic competitiveness,” said Margie  Wolfe, publisher at Toronto-based Second Story Press and current president of the

 Association of Canadian Publishers. “We must get the balance right between providing  readers with access to the work of Canadian writers and ensuring that fair compensation  continues to support that work.” 

 As was the case with the bill introduced in June 2010, the ACP is pleased to see the very  substantial efforts made to address this balance, but remains concerned about the broadly  defined exception for education. The opportunity to address this issue in the weeks ahead  is most welcome, and Canadian publishers look forward to participating in the process.