February 12, 2014

Federal budget increases stability of funding to Canadian book publishers

The Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP) welcomes the stabilization of funding to the Canada Book Fund (CBF) in yesterday’s federal budget. The budget proposes making the $9 million supplementary portion of the fund, first introduced to the Department of Canadian Heritage budget in 2001, permanent beginning in April 2015. 

The Canada Book Fund has been rigorously developed and administered to support Canadian-owned publishers who employ best business practices, commit to innovation, and aggressively promote Canadian authors at home and internationally. The program is targeted and results-oriented; for those publishers who meet its high standards, the CBF is an essential support in ensuring that their businesses remain competitive in an evolving cultural industry. 

ACP President Erin Creasey responded to the budget announcement: “We’re very pleased to see a commitment to ongoing support of Canadian book publishers in the budget. The permanent addition of  $9 million expected for 2015-16 — an amount that has been a supplementary addition to the fund for the past decade — is critical for independent Canadian publishers to thrive and maintain our competitive advantage. These funds mean that Canadian readers will have continued access to the work of Canada’s best writers.”  

Last renewed in 2010, the Canada Book Fund supports a range of programs that help ensure Canadians enjoy continued access to the widest possible range of Canadian books. In addition to support for book publishers, CBF has supported the development and launch of 49th Shelf (www.49thShelf.com), a website that is increasing the online footprint of Canadian-authored books while showcasing them to the world, and eBOUND Canada, which provides the tools independent publishers need to engage in the digital book marketplace.