Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia (ABPBC)

600-402 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1T6
(604) 684-0228 (Tel)
(604) 684-5788 (Fax)
[email protected]

The Association of Book Publishers of BC (ABPBC) is a provincial association of BC owned and controlled book publishing companies. The ABPBC works to support the long-term health and success of the Canadian-owned book industry in British Columbia.


Association of English-Language Publishers of Quebec (AELAQ)

1200 Atwater Avenue, Suite 3
Westmount, QC H3Z 1X4
(514) 932-5633 (Tel)
(514) 932-5456 (Fax)
[email protected]

The Association of English-language Publishers of Quebec (Association des editeurs de langue anglaise du Quebec) represents a wide-ranging community of publishers. Members include publishers of scholarly and historical works, poetry, fiction, graphic novels and comics, language instruction, travel guides, and children’s literature.

We support and promote the broad spectrum of books published in English in Quebec through a variety of initiatives and projects, including professional development seminars, advocacy, and the Montreal Review of Books.  The mRb is published three times a year, showcasing a variety of books written and/or published in Quebec through intelligent, in-depth reviews, features, and interviews.

Association of Manitoba Book Publishers (AMBP)

100 Arthur Street, Suite 404
Winnipeg, MB R3B 1H3
(204) 947-3335 (Tel)
(204) 956-4689 (Fax)
[email protected]

The Association of Manitoba Book Publishers represents a diverse group of Manitoba publishing houses. The AMBP strives to raise the profile of Manitoba publishers and create awareness by drawing attention to one of the province’s most culturally dynamic industries. In doing so, the AMBP works with people central to the business of publishing: publishers, writers, editors, designers, booksellers, distributors, librarians, sales personnel and many others.

Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association (APMA)

1888 Brunswick Street, Suite 710
Halifax, NS B3J 3J8
(902) 420-0711 (Tel)
(902) 423-4302 (Fax)

The APMA works to maintain and grow a strong book industry owned and controlled in Atlantic Canada. The APMA also provides a common forum for our publisher members and the exchange of ideas and information related to publishing in the Atlantic region. The Association coordinates promotional projects such as Books for the Summer, Books for the Holidays, the Best Atlantic Published Book Award and Pitch the Publisher, in addition to organizing professional development sessions and industry growth projects for its members. The Association publishes the magazine Atlantic Books Today, 3 times a year, which brings readers across the region the latest news about books, writers and cultural life in Atlantic Canada.

Book Publishers Association of Alberta (BPAA)

Second Floor, Percy Page Centre
11759 Groat Road NW
Edmonton, AB T5M 3K6
(780) 424-5060 (Tel)
(780) 424-7943 (Fax)
[email protected]

The Book Publishers Association of Alberta (BPAA) was founded in 1975 to support the development of a thriving provincial publishing industry, away from Canada’s traditional book publishing centres.

Literary Press Group of Canada (LPG)

234 Eglinton Street East, Suite 401
Toronto, ON M4P 1K5
(416)483-1321 (Tel)
(416)483-2510 (Fax)
[email protected]

The Literary Press Group of Canada (LPG) is a not-for-profit association of Canadian literary book publishers. With a current membership of sixty Canadian-owned and -operated publishing houses, the LPG’s mandate is to support the growth of Canadian literary culture.

The LPG helps member publishers sell, distribute, and market their books to booksellers, libraries, institutions, as well as directly to readers.

Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario (OBPO)

2 Amelia Street
Picton, ON K0K 2T0
(416)536-7584 (Tel)
(416)536-7692 (Fax)
[email protected]

Since 1990, the Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario has encouraged the writing, publishing, distribution and promotion of books written by Canadian authors. The OBPO acts as a representative of member publishers in lobbying the provincial government and agencies about issues directly of concern to Canadian-owned Ontario-based book publishers.


324-1831 College Avenue
Regina, SK S4P 4V5
(416)306-780-9808 (Tel)
(416)306-780-9810 (Fax)
[email protected]

An industry association for Saskatchewan publishers, providing professional development, marketing, and advocacy support.