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Launched in 2012, 49th Shelf is a website that brings together more Canadian books than any other source in the world. The site is devoted to celebrating Canadian books and to making it easy for readers to find them. Conceived in 2009, 49thShelf.com has a single purpose: to raise the visibility of Canadian books in the marketplace. It is open to Canadian-authored books of all categories and formats and types of publisher (Canadian-owned, multinational, or self-published). If the book is written by a Canadian, there is a place for it on 49th Shelf.

Enabled by broad industry investments in bibliographic data systems and invigorated through active curation and community participation, the platform is explicitly reader-facing and now lists more than 100,000 titles in its database. It is a channel for promoting Canadian books directly to readers, and readers use 49th Shelf to get book recommendations, engage with authors, and share their passion and favourite books with a wide community of other readers.

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