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Code Meet Print TO is a meetup series for publishing professionals and technology innovators. At BookNet Canada, we've found that there's a gap between these two industries: publishers have difficulty finding the right developers to work with, and developers who are interested in book-related projects don't know how to meet publishers. We hope that CMPTO will bridge this gap while exploring the intersection of text and technology to find new and exciting ways for content creators and tech innovators to work together.

Our first event, Context First, will be held Tuesday, June 14th at The Pilot Tavern (2nd Floor, Stealth Lounge) beginning at 6pm. To register for CMPTO's inaugural meetup, please visit our Meetup event page.

We'll discuss shifting from a container-first to context-first model of publishing. What can we do with our content once we remove the restrictions of the book-like container and throw some code into the mix?

• Brian O'Leary (Magellan Media) will provide the theory in his talk on the context-first approach to publishing.
• Marlon Rodrigues (Polar Mobile) will discuss mobile strategy.
• Nancy Carter (Toronto Unearthed) will provide a case study on location-based storytelling.

The presentations will be brief to allow for ample time to mingle and network.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding CMPTO, please don't hesitate to contact co-chairs Meghan MacDonald and Tim Middleton.

Code Meet Print TO is brought to you by BookNet Canada.