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Job Description


Canadian Publishers Digital Services, soon to be incorporated as Ebound Canada, is an organization based in Toronto, Ontario, which arose out of the Association of Canadian Publishers to address the need to provide support to independent Canadian publishers in their efforts to keep pace with ever-shifting technology. CPDS provides digital services as developed by the Digital Action committee and approved by ACP Council. Services fall into three broad categories: collective purchase of digital services, collective licensing of ebook content, and dissemination of market and technical intelligence.

CPDS is seeking a Digital Services Intern. The chosen candidate will gain an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of metadata, the digital book industry, and Canadian publishing. The Digital Services Intern will support the Digital Services Manager in the operation of CPDS's many technology projects.

This position is a great opportunity for anyone looking to get into the digital side of book publishing. It will provide direct, hands-on experience with many different aspects of ebooks, from hand-coding EPUB files, to creating metadata files for retail. Our emphasis on professional development means you'll participate in education sessions with key industry leaders and work to create technical documentation that will be used throughout the Canadian publishing industry. By the nature of your work you will be in contact with production staff that will allow you to build your network of industry contacts.

Metadata and Ebook Delivery

• Quality assurance of incoming metadata from member publishers
• EPUB validation for delivery, including simple coding fixes in HTML, CSS, and XHTML
• Assistance with individual and batch deliveries to resellers
• Quality assurance of ebook listings on reseller sites
• Liaising with resellers to address listing issues on reseller sites
• Support to the Digital Services Manager and members in migrating data and assets to a new third-party Digital Asset Management system
• Support in implementing a new metadata management system

Sales Reporting
• Assistance to the Digital Services Coordinator in sales report and invoice preparation on a monthly cycle

Other Duties
• As other technology initiatives are launched other duties related to those projects might be assigned

• Ability to use Excel functions
• Excellent organizational and communications skills
• Basic conceptual understanding of EPUB format
• Some experience with HTML and CSS and XML

• Experience in EPUB design
• Database experience
• Knowledge of GREP, Javascript, HTML5

This position is a great opportunity for anyone looking to gain hands on relevant digital publishing experience that will help them go into marketing, sales, or production.

This is a three-month position beginning June 1, 2011. An honorarium of $1000/month will be provided.

Please apply by email only to [email protected] by May 13th, 2011.