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Gutenberg 2.0 is back for 2011!
The OBPO/Humber College Online Course for Book Publishing Professionals will be running April 5 through June 24, 2011.

This 10 session course (to be completed over 12 weeks) will teach you everything you need to know about Web 2.0 and digital transformation. Online, on your own time, readings, assignments, class discussions and study buddies will ensure you get the most out of this course.

Subjects covered
E-Books and Devices, Web 2.0 Community Building, Social Media Networking and Marketing, Online Selling, POD, SEO, Contracts and Business Models, Distribution Technology and Sales Data

• Gutenberg 2.0 will give publishers increased dexterity with and an enhanced understanding of the online world and its effects on the industry
• Gutenberg 2.0 will enable publishers to take full advantage of the opportunities presented on the web for promoting and selling their books
• Gutenberg 2.0 will create strategic alliances among book publishers to enable them to address technological change and create an environment where small and mid-size firms can act collectively
• Gutenberg 2.0 will give publishers the understanding the need of the new business models emerging for the book publishing industry

Cost: $349.00 plus HST

What past Gutenberg 2.0 graduates say:
Participating in Gutenberg online was an excellent learning experience. It was my first online course and I was pleased at how easy it was to navigate. I appreciated Gutenberg's wide sweep of material and found it highly informative and engaging.
-Cynthia Good

I found the Gutenberg 2.0 course extremely useful. It was a great overview of how the publishing industry is changing in the face of a digital revolution. It was great to have readings from such current sources are Wired Magazine and the New York Times. I felt I was definitely given a lot of the information I needed to make informed choices about how my company is going to be proceeding in the future when it comes to e-books and digital publishing.
-Annie Gibson, Playwrights Canada Press

Register by emailing [email protected] Further instructions will follow.