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The ACP membership listings are grouped into four sections: ACP MembersACP Affiliates, ACP Supporters, and Cultural and Government Organizations.

ACP Members are publishers who belong to the ACP. To access ACP Members listings, go to Search Members page where you may search publishers by province or genre. As an alternative, download a complete Membership Directory as a PDF document.

Each entry shows the publisher's mailing address, phone number and email address, and describes the type of material they publish (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, cookbooks, children's books, etc.). All entries also list the publisher's website, which we encourage you to visit for more specific information.

If you are looking for a publisher whose name does not appear in the ACP Directory, they are probably not members of the ACP. Provided that they are still in business, you can try several methods to locate them:

Try a general Internet search. If you type the publisher's name into a search engine (such as, their website and contact information should come up as one of the search results.

A publisher you are looking for may be a member of one of the ACP Affiliates. Visit our Affiliates page for contact information. 

ACP Supporters are individuals or firms whose primary business is not book publishing, but who support the core goals of the ACP. The Supporters entries list general contact information of the firms, a link to their website, and a short description of each business and its mission. 

ACP Affiliates are industry organizations similar to the ACP. As with the ACP Member entries, the Affiliate entries list contact information of each organization. For example, if you have a question about a publishing company in British Columbia, it may best serve you to contact the Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia (ABPBC). Please visit the websites of these organizations to find out more about what they offer!

The Cultural and Government Organizations that are listed provide services that support publishers in some way. Most offer financial or professional support to publishing companies, but some (such as the Canada Council for the Arts, the Department of Canadian HeritageThe Writers' Trust of Canada, and The Writers' Union of Canada) also offer funding or grants to writers. If you are seeking grants or funding for your work, one of these organizations may be what you are looking for. Please visit their websites if you have any questions.

For information on membership categories, qualifications and application process visit our Become a Member page.