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Ontario Arts Council

Writer's Reserve
Writers' Reserve grants assist professional writers in the creation of new work (such as fiction, poetry, literary criticism, social issues, history, etc.). Recommendations for funding are made to the Ontario Arts Council by Ontario-based book and magazine publishers. For more information, please contact

Works in Progress
This program assists professional writers with the completion of book-length works of literary merit. Program deadlines are April 1, July 15 and December 1. For more information, please contact the OAC Literature Officer at 1-800-387-0058. Program guidelines and application forms for the Works in Progress program are available at

Canada Council *Please note that these grants are for professional writers.

Travel Grants
These grants enable writers and translators to take advantage of travel opportunities such as being a keynote speaker at an international conference; attending large international festivals; being guests of honour at important book fairs abroad or receiving official international honours or prizes. For more information on eligibility and application, please contact the Travel Grants Officer at 1-800-263-5588.

Creative Writing
The Creative Writing grant provides support to authors working on new projects in the fields of novel, short story, poetry, children's literature, graphic novel and literary non-fiction. For more information on eligibility and application, please contact the Writing and Publishing Section Officer at 1-800-263-5588.


The Canadian government offers a number of funding options to assist publishers with their publishing programs. Funding is available at both the federal and provincial level, and eligibility varies based on the types of grants and funding organizations. For more information on provincial grants and funding, please visit your provincial government's website. For more information on federal funding, please see the list below.

Department of Canadian Heritage

Funding program: Book Industry Development Program (BPIDP) - Aid to Publishers

The Aid to Publishers component of the BPIDP seeks to foster a strong and viable Canadian book industry that publishes and promotes Canadian-authored books. In order to be eligible for funding, applicants must be Canadian-owned and Canadian-controlled book publishers who have been in business for at least 36 months. The application deadline is May 3. For more information, please contact:

Book Publishing Industry Development Program 
Canadian Heritage 
15 Eddy Street, 4 th Floor 
Gatineau, Quebec 
K1A 0M5 

(819) 997-0055 (Tel) 

1 (866) 811-0055 (Toll-free tel) 

1 (888) 997-3123 (TTY Toll-free)

(819) 997-4169 (Fax)

Canada Council for the Arts

Program: Book Publishing Support

Grant: Emerging Publisher Grants

The Emerging Publisher Grants are designed to assist small or emerging publishing houses. Applicants must have published four to 15 eligible titles and must demonstrate a potential to play an active role in the development of Canadian literature (for more information on title eligibility, please visit the Canada Council website). Because these grants are designed primarily to help small and emerging publishers grow to a level where they might be eligible for Block Grants, publishers who have attained the number of titles required for Block Grants cannot normally continue to receive Emerging Publisher Grants.

Grant: Block Grants

Block Grants are designed to provide funding to established professional book publishers with an ongoing publishing program. Applicants must provide evidence of a publishing program that includes at least 16 eligible titles. Participating publishers are expected to produce at least three new eligible titles per year and to have produced eight titles over the past 24 months.

A publishing house is not eligible for a Block Grant unless it has received a least one Emerging Publisher Grant. First-time applicants to this program must, therefore, apply to the Emerging Publisher Grants component regardless of the number of eligible titles they have produced previously.