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Please visit the links above to learn more about the Associate of Canadian Publishers (ACP) and our services. In this section, you'll find the ACP's profile, mandate, goals and objectives, as well as information on our staff, board and committees. Visit the History section to find out how the ACP began, and read our By-laws to learn about how the ACP is run today.

You can also find the information about the studies we've produced and our current projects and programs (such as Supply Chain, the Mentorship Program, and the SFU Publishing Workshop subsidy). Finally, please check our News section for the latest publishing news and events.  

The Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP) represents approximately 115 Canadian-owned and controlled book publishers from across the country. The membership is diverse and includes publishers from a variety of genres. Over 80% of Canadian-authored titles are published by the Canadian-owned sector. This means a strong Canadian-owned sector is vital to the development of new Canadian authors and writers. The ACP assists Canadian-owned publishers in promoting the excellence of Canadian books, in bringing more Canadian books to more readers in Canada, and in expanding Canadian-owned publishers' domestic and international market share.
Through its research, marketing, professional development initatives, government and public relations, the ACP helps its member publishers to create an economically sustainable Canadian-owned and controlled publishing industry. To accomplish this goal, the ACP focuses its resources on four distinct ares: The ACP provides public policy advice, feedback and representation to both levels of government, cultural and arts agencies, the media and the public. Through these activities, member publishers have the opportunity to share their policy climate.
ACP representatives sit on boards across the industry. They keep members informed of the activities of other industry organizations, and represent members' views. Members receive timely and relevant information through the association's bi-weekly e-newsletter, ACP Update, and HeadLines, which is sent to heads of member firms in alternating weeks. The ACP website, provides details about the association's activities and also includes useful information for those interested in publishing a book or working in the industry. The ACP conducts industry-specific research and holds professional development seminars that assists members in developing their capacity to produce and market the work of Canadian authors. The ACP is member-driven, flexible, and responsive to publishers' needs; the associate structures its research and seminars to suit members' business needs and interests.
On behalf of its member, the ACP pursues collective marketing initatives with the goal of increasing the market share of Canadian-owned publishers and Canadian authors. These initiatives showcase books published by ACP members and highlight the quality and value of Canadian books to the public.