ACP Research

Public Opinion on the Value of Books in the English Language Book Sector

The Book Strategy Group, an ad hoc committee representing the interests of Canadian writers and publishers, commissioned research to reveal current attitudes of English-speaking Canadians about the cultural and economic value of written works. The research explores matters of pricing, copyright law, file-sharing, ownership and lending models, as well as views on Canadian content, and assessments of knowledge and valuation of self-published books and traditionally published books. This research will be used to provide direction to the book industry in its efforts to better engage key influencers and to increase the sustainability and competitiveness of Canadian publishers and writers.

Five documents comprise the research:

Summary Report
Report on Usage and Value
Marketing, Library Usage, Illegal Downloading and Publishing
Public Opinion on the Value of Books in the Education Book Sector
Appendix Material: Consultation Instruments

Book Study Group members: Access Copyright, Association of Canadian Publishers,Canadian Educational Resources Council, Canadian Publishers’ Council, Literary Press Group of Canada, Professional Writers Association of Canada, The Writers’ Union of Canada.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

Consultation on K to 12 Educational Publishing in Canada

Download Consultation on K to 12 Educational Publishing in Canada, by Glenn Rollans and Simon de Jocas, 2012.